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H.E. Pablo Campana Saenz

Minister of Foreign Trade

Pablo Campana discusses how Ecuador is positioning itself in emerging global trade and investment routes
Pablo Campana Sáenz is Ecuador’s Minister of Foreign Trade. His business background includes positions as Chief Executive Officer at Campana & Partners Organization, and at Pronobis. He was general manager of Duncan, Equilisa, Braslav and Pro Espacios. He also served as the head of the Ecuadorian Bottling Company and the Valdez Sugar Company.
Mr Campana started the ProponLe initiative to support jobs by developing ideas from entrepreneurs, business representatives and the public sector. In the 1990s he was a Davis Cup tennis player, and represented Ecuador at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Mr Campana has a degree in commercial engineering from Pacific University in Lima, and an MBA from the Institute of Management Development (IDE).

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