About App

We have created a personalised mobile application for our attendees to give you the best event experience possible. Book meetings with fellow delegates, tailor your own schedule, ask speakers questions and participate in live polls.

Steps to Use App

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  • Register for the event
  • Get an email confirmation
  • Download app
  • Login and start to use

Application Highlights


Select the sessions you wish to attend where you can evaluate the key strategic directives related to LATAM’S economic outlook.

My Agenda

Create your personalised agenda and tailor your experience at GBF LATAM to suit your objectives.


Find and connect with the right people, powered by AI. Identify who you would like to meet with and request, manage and pre-schedule meetings before the Forum.

Live Poll & Q&A

An interactivity feature that allows you to send questions, answer live polls and chat with fellow attendees and speakers during sessions.

Event App

Event App

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