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Evelyn Namara

Chief Executive OfficerVouch Digital
Financial Services

An award-winning Ugandan entrepreneur with digital expertise, Evelyn Namara is working at the coalface of African technology and finance—and seeing exciting, paradigm-shifting results

Evelyn Namara is a technology entrepreneur whose passion is to create solutions that impact societies and communities. As the founder of Vouch she has worked with her team to build technology that fuels transparency and traceability in the distribution and disbursement of life-changing goods and services across the world. The Vouch platform helps NGOs and governments running cash-based programmes to track their impact while eliminating the need for intermediaries who often reduce value in the supply chain. Vouch has created an incentives platform that helps businesses and corporates create, manage and distribute coupon-based campaigns that facilitate the acquisition, retention and rewarding of customers.



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